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This site is dedicated to investigative reporting related to the soon-to-be published book, Hauls of Shame. While the book deals with the wide ranging problems of fraud and corruption in the baseball collectibles and auction industries, its primary focus is on the mysteries of the considerable thefts of rare, historical baseball artifacts from the collections of the New York Public Library, Boston Public Library and the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hauls of Shame publishes breaking news, book excerpts, original essays and interviews with historians and those familiar with the investigations that have spurred earnest recovery efforts by the FBI, individual collectors and institutions. We offer an educational resource for the baseball collecting and research communities as the investigations yield evidence of items both suspected or confirmed as missing from the research archives of: NYPL's "Spalding Baseball Collection;" BPL's "McGreevey Baseball Picture Collection;" and the HOF's "August Herrmann Papers Collection."

Breaking News
JSA & Jimmy Spence Expose Their Own TPA Scam Linked To Fraudulent Mathewson LOAs (UPDATE)

By Peter J. Nash

October 4, 2018

(Scroll to bottom for Update) Throughout the past few decades, astute dealers and knowledgeable collectors alike have surmised that the alleged autographed copies of Christy Mathewson’s 1910 book, Won in the Ninth, were not actually signed by the Hall of Fame pitcher, but rather by a secretary.

The issue came to a head in 2004 when author Ron Keurajian took issue with the signatures in an SCD article and in 2005 when a copy of the book was offered at Sotheby’s and became the subject of a news report in the New York Daily News. As a result of the controversy, Sotheby’s removed the problematic lot from the auction even though it had sold three months earlier in an R&R auction for $10,655.19. For some in the hobby, Keurajian’s analysis was the final nail in the coffin for the bogus signatures found within the Matty books.

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REA Spring Auction Features Big Ticket Forgeries Authenticated By PSA/DNA; Alleged One-of-a-Kind Signed Checks of HOFers Plank & Ward Are Bogus
By Peter J. Nash May 2, 2018 The Spring auction season is here and so continues the proliferation into the marketplace of fakes authenticated by PSA/DNA. The most stunning examples are two forged checks touted to have been signed by ultra-rare HOFers John M. Ward and Eddie Plank which appear in [...]
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Dodger Blues: Historic Jackie Robinson Contracts Allegedly Stolen From L.A. Stadium; Source Claims Former Dodger Wes Parker Removed Brooklyn Docs & Contracts From Archive Storage (Part 2 of a Special Report)
By Peter J. Nash February 27, 2018 (UPDATE) In October of 2017, Hauls of Shame published the first installment of our 3-part report detailing the auction appearances of internal Brooklyn Dodger documents at public auction. Also detailed were allegations that these artifacts including team correspondence, scouting reports and contracts were wrongfully removed from [...]
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Steve Grad Continues Flawed & Fraudulent Authentications; Beckett Gets Bit By Another Bogus Burkett For Sale At Goldin
By Peter J. Nash Feb. 15, 2018 When Steve Grad was the senior authenticator at PSA/DNA he was responsible for numerous authentications of bogus materials which were featured in our Worst 100 Authentications report in 2012. Since that report was published, Grad has moved on to become the senior authenticator [...]
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Dodger Blues: How Did Historic MLB & Civil Rights Docs Make Their Way Onto The Auction Block? Part 1 of a 3-Part Special Investigation
By Peter J. Nash Oct. 5, 2017 Back in 2014, Hauls of Shame launched an investigation into allegations that rare letters and documents chronicling the integration of Major League Baseball via Branch Rickey, Walter O’Malley and the Brooklyn Dodgers had wrongfully made their way onto the baseball memorabilia market. What raised a [...]
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Curse of The Scam-bino? Charlie Sheen’s Babe Ruth Ring Suspected As A Fake With Another Bogus Barry Halper Provenance Story (UPDATE)
By Peter J. Nash June 30, 2017 Scroll Down For Update: The Messy History of Charlie Sheen’s “Winning Ring” just got a bit messier with evidence mounting and suggesting that the alleged 1927 Babe Ruth World Series ring being sold at auction tonight is a fake. The authenticity of the media-hyped Ruth ring [...]
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The NYPL HOT 100: The Top Artifacts Stolen & Missing From The New York Public Library’s Spalding Collection
By Peter J. Nash April 25, 2017 In 1921, the widow of Albert Goodwill Spalding donated his voluminous archive of baseball photographs, manuscripts and books to the Astor-Lenox and Tilden Foundation of the New York Public Library. Spalding assembled the collection in conjunction with his release of the 1911 book America’s National [...]
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