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This site is dedicated to investigative reporting related to the soon-to-be published book, Hauls of Shame. While the book deals with the wide ranging problems of fraud and corruption in the baseball collectibles and auction industries, its primary focus is on the mysteries of the considerable thefts of rare, historical baseball artifacts from the collections of the New York Public Library, Boston Public Library and the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hauls of Shame publishes breaking news, book excerpts, original essays and interviews with historians and those familiar with the investigations that have spurred earnest recovery efforts by the FBI, individual collectors and institutions. We offer an educational resource for the baseball collecting and research communities as the investigations yield evidence of items both suspected or confirmed as missing from the research archives of: NYPL's "Spalding Baseball Collection;" BPL's "McGreevey Baseball Picture Collection;" and the HOF's "August Herrmann Papers Collection."

Breaking News
Black-Eye Betsy: Crooked Jackson Bat Still For Sale As Lifson Violates His Own REA Rules; Bat Came From Convicted Dealer Who Says PSA Game-Use Claim Is A “Big Leap”

By Peter J. Nash

April 17, 2014

After attempting to sell an alleged “Game Used” Shoeless Joe Jackson Black Betsy bat without mentioning specifically that MEARS and PSA/DNA were at odds over whether it was actually game used, REA and Rob Lifson posted an addendum to the premiere auction lot in its current sale stating that, “No game use can be determined.”

REA and Lifson now try to say that they can’t be “100% sure” that the bat was game used by Jackson but they fail to note that there isn’t even 1% of a chance Jackson ever held the bat in his hands.

Lifson and REA have now backtracked from their claims of “Game Use” made on ESPN and appear to now be at odds with the letter opinion provided by PSA/DNA.  The reversal of REA’s original position, however, does not address the fact that PSA/DNA still has no evidence whatsoever to support its claims of game use by Jackson. So, although REA now claims that Jackson game use cannot be determined, they still see fit to keep the bat in the auction.  In addition, by leaving the lot in the sale, REA and Lifson are violating their own auction rules and regulations by selling an item that has two conflicting letters issued by authentication companies.

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Field Of Schemes: Fraudulent Claims Of Game Use For Shoeless Joe Jackson’s ‘Black Betsy’ Expose Dangers Of Vintage Bats; PSA & REA Pull The Wool Over Hobby Eyes (UPDATED)
By Peter J. Nash April 4, 2014 (Scroll to end of article for updates) Heritage Auctions recently sold a game-used Hillerich & Bradsby baseball bat they say was swung by “Shoeless” Joe Jackson in 1911 when he hit .408 as a rookie. Sources indicate that movie mogul Thomas Tull was the buyer [...]
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Irish Eyes Are Smiling: Nuf Ced’s Red Sox Treasure Returned To Boston Public Library By Collector; More Evidence Links Barry Halper & Rob Lifson To The McGreevy Heist
By Peter J. Nash March 17, 2014 Nuf Ced McGreevy was grinning in this photo traveling with the 1907 Red Sox to a Spring Training game in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He'd likely be smiling today knowing that his stolen photo has been recovered by the BPL. As officials at the New York [...]
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Is All That Glitters Yankee Gold? A Ruthian Mystery Surrounds Heritage’s Claim To The “Most Important” Baseball Artifact In Existence (UPDATE)
By Peter J. Nash February 20, 2014 Heritage is selling what they say is the most important baseball artifact in existence, Babe Ruth's 1923 WS pocket watch. But is it the actual watch that was presented to the Babe in 1923 and why did Barry Halper say he owned one too? It’s [...]
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Heritage Selling Another National Treasure Believed Stolen From Cooperstown; Gutierrez & Lipset Again Linked To Heist; Ivy Says HOF Negligence Justifies Sale
By Peter J. Nash February 10, 2014 Heritage's Chris Ivy (bottom right) is selling Roger Connor's payroll receipt (center) which was sent to the HOF in 1970 by sportswriter Red Foley (top left). Lew Lipset (top right) sold the same doc in 1989 when he was partners with HA's Mike [...]
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CHIN MUSIC: FBI Search Yields Fake Halper Jerseys & Memorabilia Sold By SCP, REA & Rob Lifson; Internet Trolls John McDaniel III & Con-Man Robert W. Fraser Slander Hobby Big-Shot Rogers On Net54; FBI Takes PSA Ruth-Cut Too
By Peter J. Nash February 3, 2014 Robert Fraser (top l.) and John McDaniel III (top r.) slandered John Rogers after an FBI search yielded fake jerseys owned by Barry Halper (bottom r.) and sold by Rob Lifson (bottom l.). The big hobby news last week next to the Eli Manning memorabilia [...]
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The Original Wagner: The Legend Of Willie Ratner’s Honus & Its Travels Through Hobby History; From Gammon To Haber To Quinn & Beyond (T206-Wagner #1)
By Peter J. Nash January 21, 2014 Willie Ratner's Wagner first appeared in a newspaper in 1930 and later in "The Complete Book of Baseball Cards" in 1976 (above). It was in the November 6, 1930, edition of the Newark Evening News that the legend was born. Writer Fred J. Bendel [...]
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